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DUN EVAN Continued [continued from page 27]
firth and Hill of Urchany, in this County, all having remains on them similar in origin to those on the summit of this hill and with which tradition says it was connected.
VITRIFIED FORT [Dun Evan] Vitrified Fort
Vitrified Fort
Vitrified Fort
Mr. Stables
Guide to Culloden Moor
Mr. Grant, Factor's Clerk, Cawdor.
007 Situated on and occupying the entire summit of the above hill. The surface is concave especially to the north and in form an ellipse. It is 66 yards long by 30 in breadth. Human bones have been discovered wherever excavations have been made on it. An immense pile of small boulder stones lies on the north face of the hill of which tradition has nothing to say as to what purpose they were used. The track of a bank can be seen here and there all along the border of the hill and slopes evidently artificial can be traced in many places round this ancient fortress of which tradition is silent as to its origin.

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County of Nairn -- Ph. [Parish] of Cawdor

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