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EASTER HARDMUIR Easter Hardmuir Rent Receipt
Mr. Ross Tenant
Mr. Laidlaw, Schoolmaster Audearn,
Revd. [Reverend] W. Ross, Manse Auldearn
002 A small farm house one storey high, with barn, byres and stabling attached; the whole thatched and in middling repair, property of William Brodie Esq of Brodie.
Revd.[Reverend] James Reid Auldearn Manse
Mr. Adam Laidlaw Auldearn School Mr. Alexander Petrie Cothill
002 A good farm Steading, a new dwelling house two storeys high, and outoffices; one Storey.
All stated and in very good repair, the property of William Brodie Esqr. of Brodie.

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Nairnshire -- Auldearn Parish

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