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SCULPTURED STONE called Rodney's Stone Rodney's Stone
Rodney's Stone
Rodney's Stone
W. Brodie Esqr Brodie Castle
Revd [Reverend] John McEwan
Mr A Paxton
010.10 This name is given to a large flat stone, which stands at the side of the Eastern approach to Brodie Castle, and a short distance from the lodge house It is nearly six feet high, by about three broad.
The New Statistical Account says " Near the northern approach to Brodie House, is a sort of obelisk, about six feet high, forming a parallelogram, On one side is a cross, elaborately carved, and on the other a number of rudely sculptured fabulous animals It was found in digging out the foundations of the present church It was put up in the village incommemoration of Rodney's victory over the Count de Grasse. and from that circumstance received the name of Rodney's Cross". William Brodie Esqr Proprietor

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