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CARN CLAIS AN EICH Carn Clais an Eich

Carn Clais an Eich
Revd. [Reverend] E Gordon
Mr. Evan Macbean
Mr. Fraser Drumguish
024 A large, round hill, easy of access lying about a mile and a half south east of Dava Station. Its Signification is "Hill of the Horses Hollow.
BAD NA CAORACH Bad na Caorach
Bad na Caorach
Bad na Caorach
Revd. [Reverend] Evan Gordon
Mr. Evan Macbean
Mr Rogers
024 Is applied to a grassy portion of Carn Clais an Eich, It Signifies "Tuft of the Ewe" Property of
The Earl of Seafield.
ALLT BAD NA CAORACH Allt Bad na Caorach
Allt Bad na Caorach
Allt Bad na Caorach
Revd. [Reverend] E Godon
Mr. E Macbean
Mr Rogers
024 This is a small stream rising near the watershed at Cree Dearg, flowing Northerly for upwards of two miles where it unites with Allt Bog na Cioba. meaning "Stream of The Ewes Tuft."

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