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DORBOCK BURN River Dorback
River Dorback
River Dorback
Dorbock Burn
Mr. James McPherson Loch Allan
Mr. William Gibbs Bridgend
Mr William Tolmie Bridgend
024 "The Dorbac or Dorback flows from the Lake Lochendorb and forms a part of the Southern boundary of the Parish, and situated about midway betwixt the Sourse of the Divie and where the Findhorn enters this Parish. Like the Divie, it has the whole of its course within this parish, which is about 7. miles when it unites with and loses its name in that River, about
¾ of a mile below the Church. and three miles from its junction with the Findhorn"-
Copied from the Ph. [Parish] Statistics, written by the Ph. [Parish] Minister Rev [Reverend] Mr Farries dated 1842.- The name, it is supposed, derived from the word 'Dorbh' after the name of its sourse The Lake which in its Gaelic Garb is "Loch an Dùirbh" ie. Lake of the hand-line (for fishing) River or Amhainn Doirbeag River of Small fish or minnows
LOCHALLAN Lochallan Mr. James McPherson Loch Allan
Mr. William Gibbs Bridgend
Mr. William Tolmie Bridgend
024 A Small croft with garden attached the property of the Earl of Moray.

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Dorbach Abounding in
Horse leeches.-

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