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CROMWELL'S WIT E. Cromwell's Wit Wm Bishop
Jas Cochrane Esq
010 Object
A Stone
This name applies to a Granite Boulder situate [sic] in a plantation and about 1/4 of a mile west of Harburn which stone is traditionally reported to [have scored out] be[en scored out] a place where Oliver Cromwell planted his colors [sic] while resting in his victorious career through this country. Wm Bishop (whose father occupied the farm of Harburnhead) remembers this Stone before it was planted round with Trees and has ploughed round it. The Trees which are Fir trees are now grown to the maximum size.
Site of CAMP [Cromwell's Wit] 010 Not on this page

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The text continues directly:
From the stone being so remotely situated the tradition is almost lost and the name is only retained as applying to the Ploughed field to the west of the plantation The stone is a natural Boulder containing about eight cubic feet, in shape somewhat ovalar [sic] and apparently [sic] about equal parts above and under Ground. About 15 Chains South of this stone about a dozen stone Coffins were discovered 45 zears [sic] ago and three more about 5 zears [sic] ago [continued on next page]

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Note again that CROMWELL'S WIT in the List of Names column has no following E.
The text is intended to accompany CROMWELL'S STONE rather than CROMWELL'S WIT and should be amended as such.

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