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MARTYR'S GRAVE [two, in churchyard] Martyr's Grave Mungo Bryson Road Surveyor Strathaven
John Masterton Strathaven
William Brown Strathaven
023.15 About 60 links West of the N.E. corner of the Churchyard is a Tombstone, with the following inscription
"Here lies the Corpses of William Patterson and John Barrie who Vas shot to death for their adhering to the word of God and our covenants, Anno 1685.
"Here lys two martyrs severally who fell by Captains Ingells and by bloody Bell. Posterity shall know, theyre shot to death as sacrifices unto Popish wrath".
about 60 links south west of this is a Head-stone with the following Inscription
"Erected in the year 1792 and renewed.
Heare lys the Corps of William Dingwall who was shot in a rancouter at Drumclog June 1679 by bloody Graham of Claverhouse for adhearing to the word of God and scotlands covenanted work of Reformation.
This Hero brave who here doth ly
Was persecuted by Tyranny
Yet to the truth he firmly stood
Gainst foes resisting to the blood
Himself and the gospel did defend.
Till for Christs cause his life did end."

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