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CAMP (Site of) [nr Upper Blackshouse] Camp (site of)
Camp (site of)
Camp (site of)
Mr Robert Denholm
Mr William Paterson
Rev [Reverend] John Vary
Johnstons County Map
Forrests Map.
033.06 The exterior of a large camp of an oval shape, period unknown The stones of the rampart have been removed and the rest almost entirely level From a series of mounds (the remains of the wall) and a faint track the original form can be fixed
"In the confines of the parish on the south and on the high
"moorish ground formerly mentioned, the vestiges of a large camp or
"fortified station, are still very visible. It contains about 6 acres, which form
"an irregular figure, approaching to that of a circular area. The walls
"seem to have been very thick and high, and to have been composed chiefly
"of coarse stones, many of them a kind of flag, collected, probably, from
"the adjoining grounds; but there is no appearance of mortar or cement_"***
"The large camp includes several springs of excellent water. Some urns were found, under the ruins of the wall, a great many
"years ago, by some people who were digging out the larger stones for the purpose of building. They were each of them enclosed within
"four coarse flag stones, set on edge and covered with one laid flat. The space included by these flags was filled to a considerable depth
"with a fine whitish sand, among which the urn was standing in an inverted position. Upon removing the urn, something of a soft slimy
"nature was found upon the sand, which probably might be the ashes of human ones."
Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] P. 539
The Shoals
The Shoals
Mr. Robert Denholm
Mr. Thomas Braidwood
Mr. William Paterson
033.06 This name is applied to the portion of the River Clyde, between Hyndford & Carmichael Mills, from the circumstance of the bed of the River becoming very rocky, after a sluggish course through flat holm land

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