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FIRHILL BRIDGE Firhill Bridge ( No. 21)
Firhill Bridge ( No. 21)
Firhill Bridge ( No. 21)
Canal Co's. [Company's] List of Bridges
R. Reidman Secretary
J. Milne Canal Supdt. [Superintendent]
006.02 The 21st drawbridge - numbering from the Firth of Forth, & the 2nd on the branch canal - from Stockingfield. It is similar in construction to the other canal bridges. East of this there are two large basins for seasoning timber. There is a small boat building dock, also connected with the branch canal.
Springbank Foundry
Springbank Foundry
J. Down, Founder
Edward Moore Foreman
A Ramsay Mr. [Manager] of Wire Works
006.02 A large foundry at the north end of Springbank employing betwee 3 & 400 men. Wrought by Glennie & Co. [Company] The handbill of this Co. [Company] calls it "Iron Works." Ironstone is not wrought into Pig & Malable Iron here, as at Dixon's "Iron Works" in Glasgow. All that is used here is supplied from Iron Works for mouldingetc. The only Malable Iron made here is for the use of the Co. [Company] & what is made, isvery little. All the houses belnging to it are moulding shops. A large engine works is situated west of the foundry & comes upon 1/500 scale.

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