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Bonniton Linn
Bonniton Linn
Bonington Fall
Bonnington Linn
Bonnington House
Bonnington Farm
Bonnington Linn
Bonnington Linn
Bonnington Linn
Bonnington Linn
Bonnington Linn
Mr D. Campbell
Mr J Blair
Mr W. Weir
Statistical Acct [Account] p5
To a representation of the Linn on the corner of Johnston's Map
To objects, on Forrest's Map & Johnston's Map, giving name to, or taking name from the waterfall in question.
In a table of heights appended to Forrest's Map
Rev Thos [Thomas] Stark
Mr Robert Wood
Mr Wm [William] Anna
Mr John Gray
032.07 This is the uppermost of the falls of Clyde. Occurs at an acute bend of the river, where the water, tumbling over a succession of low shelving rocks, approaches with great rapidity to the edge of a wall of rock, about 24 feet in height, over which it is thrown in an unbroken mass
Immediately before the final plunge the water is divided by a rocky island which is approached from the Lanark side by an iron bridge. From this point to Corra Linn the river is enclosed by high dark cliffs of the old red sandtsone
TILLIE FORD Tillie Ford Rev Thos [Thomas] Stark
Mr Robt [Robert] Wood
Mr Wm [William] Anna
Mr John Gray
032.07 A ford crossing the River Clyde about half a mile above Bonnington Linn

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Transcriber's notes

Bonnington Linn. Spelling and Authority from "Bonington Fall - Statistical Acct" to "Bonnington Linn - In a table of heights etc" ,which all appear to be derived from published sources, are written in faded red ink. The Spellings within this group "Bonnington House" and "Bonnington Farm" are bracketed together.
Tillie Ford. Only one version of Spelling, but four Authorities are given.

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