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Auchingramont House
Auchingramont House
Post Office Directory
The Rev.[Reverend] Dr.[Doctor] Keith
William Dykes, Woodburn House
017.04 A fine dwelling house on the [----] side of Auchingramont Road.
Auchingramont Place
The Rev.[Reverend] Dr.[Doctor] Keith, Occupier
Letter Carrier
017.04 A large and handsome dwelling on the north side of Auchingramont
AUCHINGRAMONT ROAD [Hamilton] Auchingramont Road
Auchingramont Road
Letter Carriers
The Rev.[Reverend] Dr.[Doctor] Keith
017.04 A Street or road leading from Muir Street, and terminating at Union Street.
BANK OF SCOTLAND [Hamilton] Branch of the Bank of Scotland
Branch of the Bank of Scotland
On Door
William Simpson
017.04 A fine building partly occupied [---] a Branch office of the Bank of Scotland and partly by the agents family.
Private property.
BRITISH LINEN COMPANY'S BANK [Hamilton] Branch of the British Linen Co.[Company] Bank
Branch of the British Linen Co.[Company] Bank
William Simpson Agent
On Gateway
017.04 A large and handsome building partly occupied as a Branch Office of the Linen Co. [Company] Bank, and partly by the [A---].
Private property.
ST MARY'S EPISCOPAL CHAPEL [Hamilton] St. Mary's Episcopal Chapel
St. Mary's Episcopal Chapel
J. Main, Beadle
Post Office Directory
017.04 A small but handsome edifice, [the] interior of which is fitted up with [----] to accommodate about 200 persons.

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