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COLLEGIATE CHURCH (Site of) [Hamilton] Site of Church
Site of Church
Site of Church
Site of Church
Site of Church
Mr Henderson, Town Clerk
Mr Graham, Factor to the Duke of Hamilton
Chalmer's Caledonia
Origines Parochiales Scotiae
New Statistical Acct. [Account]
017.04 The site of an ancient church [which] was built with a choir 2 cross aisles, and a steeple in 1462. It continued as the Parish Church till 1732, when the present one at [the] head of Church Street was erected.
One of the cross aisles of the old Church was used as a burial place by the Hamilton family up till about 4 years ago, [when] it was removed and the [ashes] of the dead reinterred in the [new] "Mausoleum" a short distance [N -] the Palace.
"James, the seventh Knight. a man of great political ability, was (1445) created [---] Hamilton. He [erected] the parish of [C---] now Hamilton, into a collegiate church and built a splendid Gothic church, choir, 2 cross aisles and a steeple [a---] of polished stone." Muirs Description of Hamilton

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"The name of the parish, and of the Church was changed from Cadzow to Hamilton in the fifteenth century" "In the application to the Pope, in 1450, for converting the parish Church into a Collegiate Church, it is designed, ___the parish church of Cadzow, now called Hamilton," ______Chalmers' Caledonia, Vol. 3 P. 682
"Nothing is known of the fabric of the church until it was rebuilt and adapted for the Collegiate Church after the middle of the 16th century, which from that time served as the parish church." Origines Par. [Parochiales] Scotiae.

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