List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
CLELAND STREET Cleland Street Corner Ticket 006.15 A short but wide street branching easterly from Hospital Street and terminating at Upper Crown Street.
COTTON MILL [nr Cremorne Buildings] Cotton Mill
Cotton Mill
Mr Cree
006.15 A large Cotton Factory or Mill where both spinning and weaving are carried on. The property of Muir Brown & Co.
CREMORNE BUILDINGS Cremorne Buildings Corner Ticket 006.15 Three buildings 2 of which faces Upper Crown Street and 1 in Rutherglen Loan
IRON FOUNDRY [Govan St] Iron Foundry
Iron Foundry
On Doorway
006.15 A large Iron Foundry in Govan Street, the property of Gourlay & Co.
POWERLOOM FACTORY [nr Cremorne Buildings] Power-loom Factory (Cotton) 006.15 A tolerably sized weaving factory
The property of Mr Cree.

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Powerloom Factory. No Authorities nor Situation given for this Name.

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