Lanarkshire volume 27

Page List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks Continued entries/extra info
OS1/21/27/1 SPRINGBANK IRON WORKS Springbank Iron Works Springbank Iron Works Mr Allan Proprietor Post Office Directory 006.02 Large Iron Works a short distance South of the Forth and Clyde Canal
OS1/21/27/1 [Page] 1 6 - 2 No. 23 Glasgow
OS1/21/27/2 [Page] 2 Blank Page
OS1/21/27/3 GARRIOCH MILLS (Flour & Flint) Garroch Mills Garroch Mills Garrioch Mills Mr Brinkley Occupier On Bills See authorities for "Garrioch" in Name Sheets of 6.2, Maryhill Parish 1/2500 Scale, 006.06 Flour and Flint Mills on the north Side of the River Kelvin
OS1/21/27/3 RIVER KELVIN River Kelvin City Maps of Glasgow 006.06 A Considerable river passing the north Side of the Botanical Gardens in a S. [South] Easterly direction. It joines with the River Clyde at the Point House a little below Partick
OS1/21/27/3 GROSVENOR TERRACE Grosvenor Terrace Corner Tickets 006.06 A very handsome range of dwelling houses on the S. [South] West Side of the Great Western Road.
OS1/21/27/3 ROYAL BOTANIC GARDENS Royal Botanic Gardens Royal Botanic Gardens Mr Clarke, Head Gardener City Maps 006.06 A Considerable extent of Gardens tastefully laid out, Situated on the northeast Side of the Great Western Road and bounded on the N.E [North East] side by the River Kelvin, on the east by that paling running thro' Trace 6 and on the west by another paling running from the Great Western Road to the River Kelvin.
OS1/21/27/3 [Page] 3 Sheet 6 - 6 No. 1 City of Glasgow
OS1/21/27/4 [Page] 4 Blank Page
OS1/21/27/5 SHEEP MOUNT Sheep Mount Sheep Mount Sheep Mount Mr Davidson Toll keeper Miners Police officers 006.06 An elevated field on the south side of the Garscube Road. The name as written on trace is about the centre of it.
OS1/21/27/5 SHEEPMOUNT PIT (Ironstone) Sheepmount Pit (Iron Stone) Sheepmount Pit (Iron Stone) Miners Mr Davidson 006.06 An Ironstone Pit on the south side of the Hill called Sheep Mount
OS1/21/27/5 NORTH WOODSIDE IRON WORKS North Woodside Iron Works Mr Downie Proprietor 006.06 A large Iron Foundry on the northeast side of 'Garscube Road'
OS1/21/27/5 [Page] 5 6 - 6 No. 3 Glasgow
OS1/21/27/6 [Page] 6 Blank Page
OS1/21/27/7 NAPIERSHALL Napiershall Matthew Miller Occupier 006.06 A farm house and offices on the east side of Firhill Road
OS1/21/27/7 FIRHILL ROAD Firhill Road Printed List of Names 006.06 A road branching off the Garscube Road in direction of Firhill
OS1/21/27/7 [Page] 7 6 - 6 No. 4 Glasgow
OS1/21/27/8 [Page] 8 Blank Page
OS1/21/27/9 KEPPOCH ROW Keppoch Row Keppoch Row Mr Findlay Hamiltonhill Police Officer 006.06 A row of small dwelling houses Occupied by Colliers
OS1/21/27/9 HAMILTONHILL Hamiltonhill Mr Findlay City Map 006.06 A few small dwelling houses Occupied by Colliers. The house detached was formerly the residence or mansion of the lands of Hamiltonhill
OS1/21/27/9 [Page] 9 6 - 6 No. 5 Glasgow
OS1/21/27/10 [Page] 10 [Volume] 27 OS1/21/27 NAME BOOK (Part 1) City of Glasgow Sheet 6 - 2 PLAN 23 [Sheet] 6 - 6 PLAN 1. 3. 4. 5 Co. [County] Lanark