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STANDING STONE [Shawton] "Standing Stone," or Shawton Muckle Stane
"Standing Stone," or Shawton Muckle Stane
"Standing Stone," or Shawton Muckle Stane
"Standing Stone,"or Shawton Muckle Stane
"Standing Stone,"or Shawton Muckle Stane
Andrew Ferguson, Shawton
Robert Hamilton Shawton
Thomas Shearer Chapelton
Thomas Gilchrist Chapelton
J. Jackson Esqr. Hallhill
023.02 This is a remarkable whinstone about 4 1/2 feet high, said to be here for ages. The tradition connected it with it is , that it was carried by a witch, from Strathaven on her thumb, the mark of which may be seen, according to the tradition, on the west side. There is a worn ho [hole] resembling a thumb mark on th [the] side. It is regarded by the peo [people] as a great antiquity. At pres [present] it is principally used as a rubbing post, or stone for cattle. No accounts of the Parish, that have been seen, mention the stone. By the persons of the village near it is known as the "Muckle Stane," but by the more intelligent it is termed the Standing Stone. Either name would easily be identified on[?] plans.

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