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Header: ]Page] 2 Co. Lanark Dalziel Parish Continued :- Hamilton Road, The principal antiquities in this Parish are the Roman Road called Watlin or Watling Street, The remains of a Roman camp on the banks of the Clyde & the old Towerhouse of Dalzell [ell is double underlined], near which is an Ancient Stone Cross. A Roman Bridge on the of the Roman Road , is thought to be of great antiquity. It is over the "South Calder Water". The principal Proprietor in this Parish is Captain Hamilton of Dalzell [ell is double underlined], M.P. whose estate, from which the Parish takes it's name , is now spelled differently both by himself and his Agents, but upon Captain Hamilton's authority it is done more from custom than preference of spelling.

[There is a further note which reads: Note: There is not any portion of the Parish of Dalziel detached within any other Parish; but there is a detached portion of Hamilton Parish contained within the bounds of this Parish]
The present mode of spelling the Parish name seems to be the modern as the Church Records from 1644 ( the oldest in the possesssion of the Parish) to 1797, spell it as Captain Hamilton's Estate is spelt.

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