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ROMAN ROAD (Watling Street) Roman Road (Watling or Watlin Street) continued 11.12 ; 12.09 ; 12.14 either as a Roman Road in name(underlined) or in remains.(The part between the R.[Roman] bridge & the farm of N.[North] Motherwell is known to everybody as the "Roman Road" & however unlike a R[Roman] road it may appear in some places, the name, as a name, should be retained.)X Upon the authority of John Purdy, Motherwell, about the oldest man in the parish, the Roman Road instead of turning into the Lanark road from N[North] Motherwell, went straight across the country in direction of cross-stone(trace 6 012-013). This information agrees with its direction, in a straight line , coming from Meadowhead, in the east of the parish (trace 6 012-014) to the point where it ends in a field of the Flemington Farm.(Trace 5 012-014), between which & the farm of "N[North]Motherwell" , neither the site nor the remains could be established upon the authority mentioned, who only speaks, & perhaps surmisingly, of its direction, but coulld not undertake to point out its position on the ground, although he says he remembers the line of road when it presented a bare appearance or mark in the fields in which is passed through, going straight from "N[North] Motherwell" to "Cross-stone", & beyond it to the "Robberhall Road" (Trace 5 012) All traces of the Roman Road are therefore lost between N[North]Motherwell Farm and the point where the site is picked up in the field of Flemington Farm (Trace 5 012-014). From here to the north side of "Victoria Pit", as pointed out by the Flemington farmer, the stones are formed impeding the plough at every yard, & at the present time ((April) while the round is freshly ploughed, numerous stones taking up a width in the fields of from 12 to 20 feet, such as are not to be seen in other parts of the fields, are lying on the surface, shewing unmistakeable remains of the Roman Road. All traces are lost from the Victoria Pit to the eastern boundaries of the Parish of Dalziel. None of the personal authorities quoted nor any person off whom enquiries have been made, know the name. "Watlin or Watling Street" in connection with the Roman Road.

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Note; Site of Roman Road(Watling Street)

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