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Michael Carmichael Es[quire]
Mr. Thomas Braidwood
Mr. William Paterson
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039.02 The highest hill of the range named Tinto Hills: A barometrical measurement gives an elevation of 2432 ft [feet] from the Clyde at Glasgow & 1740 from the Clyde at Thankerton, about 2 [two] miles from its basen The word Tinto is said to signify the 'Hill of fire'. It is indented with several high steep ravines, has no surface rock, and dotted over with a large number of fine springs. The ascent is generally abrupt, and on the S [South] side there is a bold precipitous point called the pap. one of the largest Kind of old cairns stands on the pinnacle of the hill, the centre of which is the junction point of Wiston, Symington Covington & Carmichael phs. [parishes] & several property boundaries.

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P[aris]h of Covington

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The sentence beginning "The ascent is general..." - I believe the word to actually be "generally" but part of the word is hidden in the fold of the pages. I have not marked the page as completed due to this needing to be checked.
Ref description on OS sheet OS 1/21/67/24 -description is virytually same and the word is generally

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