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MY LORD'S BRIDGE My Lord's Bridge
My Lord's Bridge
My Lord's Bridge
My Lord's Bridge
T. C. Christie Esqr:
William Jack
John Duncan
W. Mather. Road Surveyor
002.12 A Bridge over the Luggie Water on the Turnpike Road to Kirkintilloch. there are two arches to it, one, large enough for the ordinary flow of the Luggie: the other, a small one for Floods. The West half of the Bridge is said to have been built by one of the Earls of Kilmarnock, at what date is not known. The ruins of an ancient quadraugular Tower, once a strength of the Boyds of Kilmarnock is near (about ¼ mile) the Bridge, in Kirkintilloch parish. The division between the old & the new part of the Bridge can be seen from the side of the water. There were no battlements to it until about 30 years ago. The name is well known, except to the Surveyor of this road, who has but recently got charge of it. It is a Co [County] Bridge.
Forest's Co: [County] Map
Valuation Roll
Gazetteer of Scotland
T. C. Christie Esqr:
Revd: [Reverend] J. Park
Meikleham's Map round Glasgow
002.12 A small village on the N. E. [North East] boundary of the parish chiefly occupied by Weavers. There is a School, an Inn & a Smithy here. The property of several small proprietors. This village is often called Mollinsburn, it is however incorrect as the name is derived from a Gaelic word, Mola - a Mill, from a Mill which stood on the banks of the burn near the farm of Mollins. The course of the burn was altered to that which is shewn on Trace as the "Mollin Burn".

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