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CASTELLUM [Cadder] Watch Tower (site of)
Watch Tower
(site 0f)
Watch Tower
(site of)
Tumulus or Castellum
Tumulus or Castelleum
Revd: I. Park
James Russell
Thomas Scott
[Roy's] [Nil]: Antiquities
Caledonia Romana
Meiklam's Map of 10 miles round Glasgow
001.07 "The course of the [Wall] issued from the plantations of Cadder near a curious artificial tumulus, supposed to have been the site of a Roman Castellum or Watch Tower. This tumulus stands at a short distance from the parish church. It seems to have been of a rectangular shape, flat on the top and surrounded by a ditch. The spot it occupies is 3600 yards distant from [Bemulis] & it is by no means improbable that one of the [praetenturae] had been situated here, with which the above tumulus was perhaps connected as an exploratory Mount" Caledonia Romana
This is an artificial looking mound about 18 feet high & 60 feet south of the Roman Wall. The ditch on the north & part of the east side is in good preservation. All traces on the South & West sides are totally obliterated. There is a slope, or perhaps the remains of some means of ascending the Mound, from about the centre of the East side. The mound is situated on high ground. No traces of a station like those found at Balmuildy & other forts on the line of the Wall, have ever been found about what is supposed to have been a Station or a Fort at Cadder.
An extract from Roy's [Nibtery] Antiquities under the name "site of the Roman Wall Station" and from Chalmer's Caledonia under the heading "Cadder House"
See also page 315 of the Caledonia Romana

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