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ROMAN ROAD [nr Walesley] Roman Road
Roman Road
Roman Way
Visinal Road

"Roman Road"

"Roman Road"

"Roman Road"
John Jack Hall
Robert Jack, Hall
Caledonia Romana
Chalmers Caledonia, Vol [Volume] 1
See description in Name Book of Stonehouse Parish
New Statistical Account
Old Statistical Account
030.03 Within the recollection of John Jack, an old man residing at Hall South of Strathaven in this parish, a portion of the parish road which passes a little to the south of Walesley, where Priestgill Burn crosses it, was paved with rough stone and according to Tradition was said to be a Roman Road. It was also called the Deil's Causey and according to an old Legend was built by the Devil in one night
It is probable the present parish road was made on the site of the Roman Road but John Jack does not recollect any portion paved but the part mentioned. Rough stones are yet visible in this portion.

Continued entries/extra info

[Page] 83
County of Lanark--Parish of Avondale

Examiners comments:-
"A Roman road can be traced for a considerable distance in the parish. It runs along the south side of the Avon, and passes the farm of "Walesley." New Stat. [Statistical] Acct. [Account]

"A Roman road or causeway can be traced for several miles on the south side of the Avon. On the same side of the river there are three chapels named after different saints which were probably places of worship". * Old Stat. [Statistical] Acct. [Account]
* The sites of the chapels here referred could not be pointed out to the Examiner. NH

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