List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
Rev. [Reverend] J. Crocket
W.S. Johnston
033 A small hamlet with about 49 inhabitants, in it is the Ph. [Parish] School 2 grocers shops one Carpent[er?] and a Blacksmiths Smithy
William Stewart
J. Neilson
Ainslie's Map 1820
033 A small cottage which formerly had a small farm of land attach[ed?] bit is now occupied by the minister of the parish.

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Under Situation for Kirkgunzeon is written "On the Kirkgunzeon Lane and near the centre of the parish of Kirkgunzeon"
Under Situation for Wilkins is written "1/4 mile N.W. by W. [North West by West] of Kirkgunzeon village"

For Kirkgunzeon, there is a comment written in red as follows:
"Kirkgunzeon is a corruption of Kirkwinnin. The ancient church of this parish being dedicated to St [Saint] Winnin or St [Saint] Vinnin, this Saint is said to have been a bishop in Scotland at the beginning of the 8th century an was commemorated on the 21st of January"

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