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BLACK WATER OF DEE Black Water of Dee William Lidderdale Castle Douglas
James Lidderdale Castle Douglas
031 This river runs out of Loch Dee at the head of the Parish of Minnigaff (bordering upon Ayrshire) and during its course to the Sea takes two different names" from Loch Dee to its junction with Loch Ken it is called Black Water of Dee (owing to the water being of a dark color caused by the mossy nature of the Soil through which it meanders, after its confluence with the latter Loch, it becomes expanded & therefore is styled the River Dee to its embouchure (5 miles below The Town of Kirkcudbright) at an island called the Ross, where it empties itself into the Solway Frith, it is navigable (at high tide) by large Steamers as far up as The town of Kirkcudbright & vessels less burthen Can run up as far as Tongland Bridge. a distance of 2 miles above the Town, the river as far up as this bridge is affected by the ebb flow of the tide & the water here is a little brackish" a range of rocks (Called the bar) crosses the river at its junction with the Solway Frith. and are dry at low water, so that vessels of the least burthen cannot enter the Dee save at high tide, nor if over the bar would they find a different draught of water to proceed up the River" This River is considered the largest & most picturesque in Galloway, in it (on an island) stands Threave Castle once the stronghold of the Douglas's Lords of Galloway the river abounds with Salmon (which like its water are remarkable for their dark color) small fish as trout pike perch &c are found in abundance, And an inferior description of pearl has been found in that part of it which bounds the Parishes of Balmaghie, Kelton & Crossmichael.

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Parish of Balmaghie

Black Water of Dee - River

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4th March 1848

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