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CORSOCK LOCH Samuel Smith n. s. Little [Mochrum]
J Shannan n Crogo
025 A tolerably sized lake on the estate of Corsock (hence the name) It is very irregularly shaped, is well stored with trout of good size and excellent quality. It is also used as a milldam for supplying "Corsock Mill" with water.
LITTLE MOCHRUM Samuel Smith n. s. Little [Mochrum] J Shannan n Crogo 025 A farm house one story high with extensive offices, all slated and in good repair attached is a considerable farm, consisting chiefly of arable and rocky heathy pasture. Occupant Samuel Smith Proprietor J. C. Maxwell esqr.

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[Page] 50 -- List of Names collected by William Rewan c/a [civilian assistant] -- 1st Examiner
Plan 25C Trace 2
Parish of Parton

Corsock Loch - a lake
Little Mochrum - a farmhouse

William Rewan 6th Feb/50 [February 1850]

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Words are missing in fold on right hand side. The parish name Parton [Balonaelellan] was written and the second word crossed out.

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