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Polnaskie Burn
William Seaton
Robert McCrae
004 [Situation] Runs into Loch Muck in Ayrshire, at the distance of 3/4 mile N.N.W. [North North West] of Meadowhead -
A small stream having its rise on the farm of Meadowhead and running in a Westerly direction to its influx with Loch MucK. during part of its course it forms a boundary line betwixt the Counties of Ayr and Kirkcudbright
Polnaskie Bridge
William Seaton
Robert McCrae
004 [Situation] About 3/4 mile N. by W. [North by West] of Meadowhead farm house,
A small stone built bridge of one arch crossing PolnasKie Burn on the road leading from Carsphairn to Dalmellington, it is a "County Bridge"

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Parish of Carsphairn

[Note Polnaskie Burn] -- This name appears tolerable plain to be
the Gaelic words Poll an uisge i,e, The deep
Stream of water, which is rather a sort of pleonism
& therefore must have originally some other epithet
perhaps such as duibh or buidh prefixed to it
in order to make proper sense

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