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FAULDS (Ruins of) Faulds
James Sloan
James Sloan Junior
004 [Situation] 3/4 miles SW. [South West] of Meadowhead, farm house,
The ruins of a cottage on the farm of Cullendoch, and situated a short distance North of Cullendoch Hill,
Cullendoch Hill
James Sloan
James Sloan Junior
004 [Situation] About one mile SW by S [South West by South] of Meadowhead farm house,
A tolerably sized hill on the farm of Cullendoch (hence the name) its surface consists of rocky heathy pasture. and on it is a Trigl. [Trigonometrical] station called by Trigl.[Trigonometricla] Party "CulnocK Jntn [Junction]"

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Parish of Carsphairn

[Note] -- Faulds, A division of a
farm, so denominated because
it is manured by folding sheep
and other cattle on it. -- Jamiesons.

[Note Cullendoch Hill] -- The word cullen is composed of
the Gaelic Cùl, The bacK or cuil, The corner.
and the article an affixed. The affix
doch occurs frequently, I found it generally
near a stream or river in Galloway. Dubhagan
in Gaelic is a deep pool or part of a stream or river
In Ireland (generally) it is called Dubhag. A fish weir
or cruive is called doach In the Scotch dialect
Therefore Cullendoch would signify, The back or corner
of the deep pool or of the cruive

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