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BRIDGE OF NESS Bridge of Ness
Bridge of Ness
Robert Gammel
Dr [Doctor] McClymont
001 [Situation] At the Northern extremity of Loch Doon about 1 5/8 miles N.N.W. [North North West] of Saugh Island
A small stone built (County) bridge on one arch over two tunnels which was cut through a rock at the mouth of the Loch in order to drain away part of ita waters, when the Loch is at its full height it overflows the tunnels and runs through the Bridge. This place is the sourse of the Water of Doon
GORDON'S ISLAND Gordon's Island
Gordon's Island
Robert Gammel
John Girvan
001 [Situation] Near the N. [North] end of Loch Doon about 1/4 miles N,W. by N, [North West by North] of Saugh Island
A Small Island covered with brushwood and boulders, in Loch Doon and near its north end, Its name originated from a man called Gordon who was drowned when following an Otter into the Island during frost,

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