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River Cree
Cree Water
John McMillan
James Milligan
Ainslie's Map 1820
020; 042; 048 [Situation] Running in a general direction Southeast and passing Cairnderry on the West,
A Considerable river having its Source in "Loch Moan" and running in a Southerly direction to "Carrick Burnfoot" forming that part of the boundary between the Shires of Ayr and Kirkcudbright, during this length its course is through morasses and heathy flats, from Carrick Burnfoot it flows in an easterly direction to Bargrennan Church, near to which there is a beautiful Cascade called "Linn of Cree" here the country becomes more congenital & picturesque, and the river flowing in a Southerly direction, enters "Loch Cree" an expansion of the river which form the character of a Lake about 3 miles in length from the Lake it runs nearly in a Southerly direction to its influx with Wigtown Bay , about 5 miles below Newtownstewart This river forms the whole of the boundary between the shires of Wigtown and Kirkcudbright, it also bounds and drains the parish of Minnigaff for about 24 Miles receiving some large Streams Such a the " Water of Minnick" burns of Penkiln Palnure etc. From Newtownstewart to its inlux with "Wigton Bay" its course is very Serpentine through a large tract of flat country. It is navigable for Vessels of 80 tons burden as far up [as] "Carty" about 2 miles below Newtownstewart. A very rare kind of fish called Sparling visits this river annually in the month of March & large numbers of them are caught when cooked they have a peculiar smell like that of green rushy It abounds with Salmon Grilsh Yellow trout & Eels, the pearl Muscle is also found in abundance in some portions of the bed of the river.-

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