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FULCARNAHAN ISLE Fulcarnahan Isle Alexander McMillan n. & s. Carnderry
Robert McMillan n & s. [by] Carnderry Newton Stewart
A small Island situate in the River Cree & in the immediate vicinity of Fulcarnahan
CARNDERRY CAIRN (ANCIENT) Carnderry Cairn (Ancient)

Carnderry Cairn (Ancient)
Alexander McMillan n. & s. Carnderry
Robert mcMillan n. & s. Carnderry [by] Newton Stewart
James Mackie n High Bridge of Cree [by] Newton Stewart
A large ancient Cairn or
tumulus situated on the farm of Carnderry
[…] east side of the road leading from Newton Stewart to
Barhill, Ayrshire, this is one of the most interesting
sights to an Antiquary regarding Cairns to be met
within the S. [South] of Scotland about four years ago a great
quantity of the tumulus was removed to form a new line of road made
at the expence of Rigby Wason Esq. on its being opened up four places
of sepulture were discovered (three of which remain) of extraordinary dimensions
the principal one is formed of immense blocks of stone […] within which
were found human bones which denoted the mighty dead to have been
a person of gigantic stature, these relics are now in the possession
of Rigby Wason Esquire. Corwar House- Ayrshire

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Parish of Minigaff

Fulcarnahan Isle - an Island
Carnderry Cairn (Ancient) - a Cairn

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