List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
MARGREE Margree Walter Templeton n & s Margree
John Lindsey n & s Kilnair Dalry
010 A Small farm house in good repair with an out office and a farm attached chiefly rocky heathy pasture occupied by Walter Templeton the Property of James Oswald Esq.
MAGREE BURN Margree Burn Walter Templeton n & s Margree
Mr. Papple n & s Loch-house Dalry
010 A Small mountain Stream gathering on the farm of "Lochrinnie" and running in a Westerly direction passes along the Northern margin of "Regland" farm and Southern of "Margree" (hence the name) to near Regland in Ruins where is takes a Southerly Course, and becomes much larger and empties into "Garphland Burn"

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[Page] 84
List of Names Collected by John Bray C A [Civilian Assistant] 1st Examiner
Plan 10B Trace 9 -- [Parish] Dalry
Margree - houses and farm
Margree Burn - A Stream
[Signed] W Driscoll Gosset Lt. R [Lieutenant Royal] Engineers
Septr. [September] 30 [1852]
John Bray C A [Civilian Assistant] April 6th 1850

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