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DEIL'S DIKE Deil's Dike
Deil's Dike
J. Barbour
William Arthur
009 [Situation] Running N.E. [North east] & crossing Pulmaddy Burn

An old dike or rampart, first appearing on the farm of Beoch on the West side of Loch Ryan in Wigtonshire and traversing Galloway in an Easterly direction for upwards of 50 miles. After entering Kirkcudbrightshire it is visible on the farm of Drannandon, thence crosses thro' [through] the farms of "Glenshalloch", "Craignell", "Drumbuie", "Stranfasket", and next appears on "Knockreoch" thro' [through] which it continues and crosses "Pulmaddy Burn" entering the farm of Barlae on which farm only 2 small portions of it is visible. Mr Train an (Antiquarian of some note) states that it next appears near the old Bridge of Deugh, thence on the farms of Marskaig Auchenshennoch &c. &c. he also states that it is invariably 8 feet in width at base with a fosse on its Northward or landward side this statement is not altogether correct, in very few places is its base 8 ft, [feet] or any appearance of a fosse on either side.

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Deil's Dike
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