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SHEIL OF CASTLEMADDY Sheil of Castlemaddy
Sheil of Castlemaddy
James McFadzean
Thomas Crosby
Ainslies Map.
009 A small thatched house one story high and in good repair. It is occupied by herds, and on the farm of Castlemaddy, The property the Hon. Col. [Honourable Colonel] Cathcart of Craigengillan
Old Bridge Pool
Robert McAdam
Thomas Crosby
009 A pool in Pulmaddy Burn a foot Bridge was at one time a cross here, hence the name.

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Parish of Carsphairn

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Sheil of Castlemaddy
[Name] Castlemaddy is from
the Gaelic &. signifies
The dogs' or the wolves' castle or fort
[Situation] 1 5/8 Miles W. [West] by S. [South] of Braidenoch farm house
Old Bridge Pool
[Situation] 1 3/8 Miles W. [West] S. [South] West of Braidenoch farm house

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