Kirkcudbrightshire, Volume 138

Page List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks Continued entries/extra info
OS1/20/138/3 BIRKIE BANK 046
OS1/20/138/3 TANNOCH BURN 046
OS1/20/138/4 BARCAFLEY BURN 046
OS1/20/138/5 BURNSIDE BURN 046
OS1/20/138/6 AUCHENHAY 046
OS1/20/138/6 BURNSIDE 046
OS1/20/138/7 GREENHILL (Ruins of) 046
OS1/20/138/8 HOUSTARD 046
OS1/20/138/8 SHEILHILL 046
OS1/20/138/9 BANKS HILL 046
OS1/20/138/9 CROSBIE T S CAIRN 046
OS1/20/138/10 BANKS Banks George Campbell 046 [Situation] About 1½ miles NNE [North North East] of Fairgirth A farm house and office houses (including a thrashing machine) in good repair, having a farm of land attached, the property of Robert Kirk Esqr. of Drumstens Hall,
OS1/20/138/10 DRUMSTINEHALL Drumstens Hall Drumstens Hall Drumstanehall Drumstenehal Drumstanehell Drumstinehall Drumstinehall George Campbell John Hyslop Ainslies Map 1820 Valn. [Valuation] Roll. modern Valn. [Valuation] Roll. Anct. [Ancient] James Campbell Robert Campbell 046 [Situation] About one mile N.N.E. [North North East] of Fairgirth. A well built mansion house with offices in good repair having a garden, and about 100 acres of land, partly studded with plantations attached. This house is the family residence of Robert Kirk Esqr. who is also the proprietor. It was formerly spelled Drumstinehill, but changed by the present proprietor to Drumstens Hall.
OS1/20/138/10 [Page] 10 Parish of Colvend Form 136 Page 67 Banks 69 Drumstinehall
OS1/20/138/11 BAINLOCH HILL 046
OS1/20/138/11 THREE CAIRNS 046
OS1/20/138/12 BACK BAINLOCH 046
OS1/20/138/12 FORE BAINLOCH 046
OS1/20/138/13 BACK BURN 046
OS1/20/138/13 CLONYARD HILL 046
OS1/20/138/14 [Page] 14 Form 136 Page [Blank Page]
OS1/20/138/15 BARSCRAIGH 046
OS1/20/138/15 BARSCRAIGH HILL 046
OS1/20/138/15 BELSHORE 046
OS1/20/138/16 CORSOCK 046
OS1/20/138/16 WOODEND 046
OS1/20/138/17 FAIRGIRTH LANE 046
OS1/20/138/17 IRONHASH HILL 046
OS1/20/138/17 KNOCKENOUR 046
OS1/20/138/18 FAIRGIRTH 046
OS1/20/138/18 FAIRGIRTH WOOD 046
OS1/20/138/19 ST LAWRENCE'S CHAPEL & GRAVE YARD (Site of) 046
OS1/20/138/20 ST LAWRENCE'S WELL 046
OS1/20/138/21 BOW HILL 046
OS1/20/138/21 DOONSIDE 046
OS1/20/138/23 CRAIGDUFF 046
OS1/20/138/23 FAIRGIRTH DOON 046
OS1/20/138/23 GARRYHORN LOCH 046
OS1/20/138/24 FAIRGIRTH HILL 046
OS1/20/138/24 GARRYHORN 046
OS1/20/138/25 BAREND 046
OS1/20/138/25 BAREND BAR 046
OS1/20/138/25 LAGGAN 046
OS1/20/138/26 CAIRNGILL BURN 046
OS1/20/138/26 CAIRNGILL WELL 046
OS1/20/138/27 HEUGH OF LAGGAN 046
OS1/20/138/27 HOLECROFT (Ruins of) 046
OS1/20/138/27 POWBRADE HILL 046
OS1/20/138/28 POWBRADE 046
OS1/20/138/29 LAGGAN HILL 046
OS1/20/138/29 POWBRADE BURN 046
OS1/20/138/29 ROUGHHILLS 046
OS1/20/138/30 DOON HILL 046
OS1/20/138/30 TEEPUCK STONE 046
OS1/20/138/31 BACK BURN BRIDGE 046
OS1/20/138/31 BRADEYARD 046
OS1/20/138/31 MARBROY 046
OS1/20/138/32 NETHER CLIFTON 046
OS1/20/138/32 NETHER HOUSE 046
OS1/20/138/33 BARWHIRN (Ruins of) 046
OS1/20/138/33 CHAPMAN'S CROFT (Ruins of) 046
OS1/20/138/33 SOUTHWICK BANK 046
OS1/20/138/34 CLIFTON CRAIG 046
OS1/20/138/34 HEUGH WOOD 046
OS1/20/138/34 UPPER CLIFTON 046
OS1/20/138/35 SOUTHWICK CHURCH (Ruins of) 046
OS1/20/138/37 BARCLAY HILL 046
OS1/20/138/37 NEWBARNS 046
OS1/20/138/37 TARLILLYAN 046
OS1/20/138/38 BARNHOURIE LOCH 046
OS1/20/138/38 EAST BARCLAY 046
OS1/20/138/38 WEST BARCLAY 046
OS1/20/138/39 AUCHENJURY 046
OS1/20/138/39 HALFMARK 046
OS1/20/138/39 THORNYHILL 046
OS1/20/138/40 TORRS HILL 046
OS1/20/138/40 WHITE HILL 046
OS1/20/138/41 HIGH PORTLING 046
OS1/20/138/41 LOW PORTLING 046
OS1/20/138/41 PORTLING BAY 046
OS1/20/138/42 BRANDY COVE 046
OS1/20/138/43 PIPER'S COVE 046
OS1/20/138/44 CATS CRAIG 046
OS1/20/138/44 NEEDLE'S EYE 046
OS1/20/138/45 DRUMBURN 046
OS1/20/138/45 GATESIDE 046
OS1/20/138/46 BARNHOURIE (Ruins of) 046
OS1/20/138/46 BARNHOURIE BURN 046
OS1/20/138/47 BARNHOURIE MILL (Corn) 046
OS1/20/138/47 DOUGLAS HALL 046
OS1/20/138/48 BOGLE HOLE 046
OS1/20/138/49 CRAIGNEUK POINT 046
OS1/20/138/49 FISHERS SEAT 046
OS1/20/138/49 SALTPAN ROCKS 046
OS1/20/138/50 SANDYHILLS BAY 046
OS1/20/138/51 CRAIGBITTERN 046
OS1/20/138/51 SALTPANS (Site of) 046
OS1/20/138/52 SANDYHILLS 046
OS1/20/138/53 COLTART'S BUTT 046
OS1/20/138/53 SOUTHWICK WATER 046
OS1/20/138/54 COLTART'S CAIRN 046
OS1/20/138/54 SPA WELL (Chalybeate) 046
OS1/20/138/55 LOT'S WIFE 046
OS1/20/138/55 NEEDLE'S EYE 046
OS1/20/138/59 QUAY 046
OS1/20/138/59 MURDERERS' POOL 046 A deep pool in Southwick Water situated about 8 chains below the Quay, The origin of its name is from the following circumstance, A party of border robbers came here for the purposes of plundering the inhabitants of the locality. The inhabitants rallied, and seizing the leaders of the foray, threw them into this pool.
OS1/20/138/60 MERSE 046
OS1/20/138/60 MERSEHEAD SANDS 046
OS1/20/138/115 [Volume] 138 OS1/20/138 [Page] 115 Kirkcudbrightshire Plan 46B Names of Parishes -- Pages Colvend and Southwick -- 1 Kirkbean -- 57