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Site of Camp Site of Camp
Site of Camp
Site of Camp
New Stat Act [Statistical Account]
Transactions of the Society of the Antiquaries of Scotland Vol. [Volume] 1. Page 565
Mr R Duthie (Stonehaven
017.03 "At the distance of about three miles, (from Re-dykes), and close to Stonehaven, there were to be seen, some years ago, remains of a camp more distinctly Roman." (New Stat. Act. [Statistical Account] Page 249)
"On the other hand in order to identify the situation of the Roman Camp in the plain below, among other relics of antiquity, a pretty large Tumulus or Barrow was openened in 1812, by the workmen employed in building the new church and Minister's house of Fetteresso, hard by, with a view of finding Stones useful for the work, when it was discovered to be entirely composed of a vast quantity of Urns and pottery of all sorts, ashes, earth, half burnt bones, and charcoal. Some of the most entire of the urns are now in possession of the Revd [Reverend] Mr Thomson Minister of the parish. * This mount was in or very near to the Roman Station in the plain, at least two miles South from the Scottish Camp at Re-dykes, and may have been about twenty or thirty feet in diameter. From the contents also, it evidently points out its origin as the place where the Romans had burnt the bodies of all who had fallen in battle, or died while they occupied this station. Here then at length has been found the only particular wanting to determine the site of this battle." (Antiquarian Essays by Professor Stuart. Page 81.)

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[page] 248
Parish of Fetteresso

[Marginal note] -- * Mr Thomson is dead and
it is not known where
the Urns etc. are now to be
[initialled] B.R.

[Note Site of Tumulus, deleted] -- See Object Name Book for 1/500 Plans of Stonehaven

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