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SOUND OF RAASAY Sound of Raasay Revd [Reverend] John Darroch
Revd [Reverend] A. Martin
Angus Macpherson
A narrow sheet of water between the Isle of SKye and the Islands of Rona and Raasay. It is bounded on the north by a line from Rudha nam Brathairean to the north end of Rona and extends South as far as the Island of Raasay goes. it is stormy the only shelter for ships being Portree Harbour
STORAB'S GRAVE Site of Storab's Grave Mr James McKenzie
Revd [Reverend] Angus Galbraith
Mr McKenzie, Farmer, Suishnish, Raasay
030 This name signifies "Grave of Big Storab son of the King of Denmark" and applies to what is pointed out as the grave of a Danish warrior, there is a tradition that he visited a house which stood close by this place when he and the occupants had a dispute and on his departure he was followed and stabed with a dirk, and buried where he fell.

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County of Inverness -- Skye -- Ph [Parish] of Portree

STORAB'S GRAVE [note] Copied from 1/2500 N.B. [Name Book] - Block No.3

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