List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
KERROW HOUSE Kerrow House Mr. Macleay
Mr. John Fraser
Val. [Valuation] Roll 1870, 71
027 [Situation] In the parish of Kiltarlity Detached
A Two Storey dwelling house, slated, With Suitable outbuildings attached all in good repair, Situated about 1¼ miles South of Cannich, The Chisholm Proprietor.
TURNERHALL Turnerhall Mr. Jamie, tenant
Mr. John Fraser
Mr. Macleay
027 [Situation] In the parish of Kilmorack
A two Storey house slated and in good repair, immediately north of this house there is a Considerable Bobbin Mill, The Whole being the property of, The Chisholm.
BOBBIN MILL [Turnerhall] 027
BALNAHOUN Balnahoun Mr. Macleay
Mr. John Fraser
Mr. McDonald
027 [Situation] In the parish of Kiltarlity Detached
This name applies to 4 Small houses, all of one storey in height in general good repair, and Situated immediately North of Fasnakyle Bridge, The Chisholm Proprietor
BALNAHAUN [1895] Mr. Mackay Inverness 027

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County of Inverness -- Phs. [Parishes] of Kilmorack & Kiltarlity (detd [detached])

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