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Rent Recipt
Mr Tait Tenant
Mr McCorkadale, Trustees & Ground officer
Lord Lovat
Val Roll 1870-71
009 A farm house two stories high,having extensive offices attached , the former slated and the latter partly slated and partly thatched, ad the whole in good repair Lord Lovat, proprietor Beaufort Castle by Beauly.
LEISHMORE Ieishmore or Inchmore
Ieishmore or Inchmore
Ieishmore or Inchmore
Rev A.D.MacKenzie
Mr James Sargent
Mr McCorkadale
Mr McIntosh
Mr D.Campbell
009 This name is given to several small dwelling houses, one story high, thatched and in fair condition, and which are all on the property of the Chisholm of Chisholm, Erchless Castle by Beauly.
Mr McCorkadale
Mr McIntosh. FC School
Mr D.Campbell, Gamekeeper []
009 This name is applied to several cottage houses [] [], shooting lodge, and large farm house, all of which are one storey high and thatched, except the last name objects, which are two stories high and slated, Struy is partly the property of Lord Lovat, and partly on the estate of The Chisholm of Chisholm, Erchless Castle by Beauly

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