List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
CNOC A' CHROCHAIDH Cnoc a' Chrochaidh
Cnoc a' Chrochaidh
Revd A.D.MacKenzie
Mr James Sargent
009 This name signifies the "[] Hillock" and applies to a little knoll on the road side about mid way between Struy Bridge and the established Church on the property of the Chisholm of Chisholm, used in former times for handing people on.
STRUY BRIDGE Stuy Bridge Revd A.D.MacKenzie
Mr Jas Sargent
Mr R.Urquhart, Chisholm Arms Hotel
009 This name applies to an elegant structure spanning the River Farrar a short distance with the Beauly River, it is built of stone and kept in excellent repair by the County road Trustees.

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