List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
CARN A' BHAINNE Carn a' Bhainne Colin
Rev A.D.MacKenzie Campbell, Struy
008 This name signifies "The Milk Cairn". It is a small rocky knole covered with heather, situated to the east side of Creagan Mor. On the property of The Hon Lord Lovat.
EAST DEANIE BURN East Deanie Burn Colin Campbell, Struy
Donald Fraser, Keeper, Broulin
008 ; 016 This name applies to a considerable stream, it takes its name where Allt Coire nan Caorach join. It flows in a southwestern direction for about two miles till it joins the River Farrar at Deannie Lodge. On the property of Lord Lovat, Beaufort Castle, by Beauly.
CARN BAN Carn Ban Colin Campbell, Struy
Rev A.D.MacKenzie
A large heatherly clad hill situated to the southwest of Leachd nan Cabar and threequarters of a mile east where Allt Coire nan Caorach, and Allt Coire na Ba Caine join. The name signifies "the White Cairn". In the property of Lord Lovat.

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