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PARALLEL ROADS Parallel Roads Mr A McDonald Brunachan
Mr J Kennedy Schoolmaster Bohunting
Mr A McDonald Shepherd Achavady Glen Roy
113 ; 127 The ancient belief was that these roads were formed by the Fingalian monarchs for the purposes of the chase - a belief that the neighbourhood of (Adver - -?) might have strengthened - and regarded with feelings of pride, as evidences of the grandeur and power of those celebrated sovereigns - but now the dreams of Fingalian grandeur and the pleasures of the Royal Chase ''must yield to cold material laws'' Speaking generally, the ''roads'' as they are called, are three in number, rising one above the other at unequal distances along the sides of the lower part of the valley, and one or two detached masses in the centre of the valley, at the same height with that of the lowest terrace of the Glen. These ''roads'' being on a perfect water level - a circumstance which is quite sufficient to prove that they could not have been made at the time referred to. The mode in which they have been produced by water, ''says Mcculloch'' seems perfectly clear and simple. The Parallel Roads are the shores of ancient lakes, or of one ancient lake occupying successively different levels, and long since drained Ancient Glen Roy. there was a lake which, subsiding first by a vertical depth of (?) feet, left its shore to form the uppermost line; which, by a second subsidence of 212 feet produced the second and which on its final drainage, left the third and lowest, and the present valley also, such as we see it now - Spey Side Guide P200

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