List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
CREAG A' GHUIBHAIS Creag a' Ghuibhais Mr J. Campbell
Mr D. Stewart
054 A small eminent situated immediately north of Lochan a' Choin Uire, and on the eastern side of Loch Ness. Property of Lord Lovat. Name signifies "Craig of the Fir"
LOCHAN A' CHINN MHONAICH Lochan a' Chinn Mhonaich Mr J. Campbell
Mr D. Stewart
054 This name is applied three small mountain lochs, which to appearance may have been at one time a single loch. Name Signifies " Small Loch of the Hilly head"
LOCHAN A' CHOIN UIRE Lochan a' Choin Uire Mr J. Campbell
Mr D. Stewart
054 A Small Mountain Loch immediately south of Creag a' Ghuibhais will stop name signifies "Little Loch of the Young Dog"

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