List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
MOOR OF KNOCKHOILUM Moor of Knockhoilum John Peters Esq.
Mr J. Campbell.
Mr D. Fraser
Moor of Knockhoilum
054 This name applies to two one story Crofthouses with the land attached thereto it was within a few years nothing but moorland but is being rapidly brought under cultivation by the tenants. Property of Lord Lovat Beaufort Castle by Beauly Invs [ Inverness]
TORR CLUANIE Tòrr Cluanie John Peters Esq.
Mr D. Stewart
Mr J. Campbell
054 A small rocky eminence situated about 20 chains north east of Loch Cluanie, and the property of Lord Lovat. "Name Aglicised" [Anglicised]
CREAG MHOR Creag Mhòr Mr D. Stewart
Mr J. Campbell
054 A large and very rocky hill. Situated about ½ a mile east of the farmhouse of Dell. Name signifies "Big Craig"

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