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Loch Moy
Loch Moy
The McIntosh
Statistical Account
Mr McTavish Game Keeper
Moy Hall
C. F. MacKintosh Esqr
021 This is a large sheet of water one mile and a quarter long by about half a mile wide, and situated on the north side of the road leading from Inverness to Perth, and about eleven miles from the former place. It is entirely surrounded with wood, and has but one tributary stream of any note It is known to be very deep - in some parts 108 feet There are two islands in this loch, the largest of which, was formerly the residence of the chief of the McIntosh: the lesser one is merely a heap of stones.
MONUMENT TO SIR MACKINTOSH [Loch Moy] Monument to Sir E. MacIntosh 11824.1 021 There stands on the larger island a handsome Monument built in 1824, by Lady MacIntosh, in Memory of her husband - Sir Eneas MacKintosh Bart. [Baronet]

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Parish of Moy and Dalarossie

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