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ISLE OF MOY Isle of Moy
Isle of Moy
Isle of Moy
Isle of Moy
The MacKintosh Moy Hall Invernesshire
Charles Fraser MacKintosh
"Commissioner for the MacKintosh"
16 Union Street Inverness
021 This is an Island in the Centre of Loch Moy, on which the ancient Residence of the head of the MacKintoshe's [sic] was erected the ruins of which at present exist. It was deserted by the Chiefs of the MacKintoshes about 1660- and since then has ceased to be a residence of the family.
ISLE OF MOY CASTLE (Ruins of) Isle of Moy Castle (ruins of) [no entries] 021 The site of the old castle is plainly to be made out; part of the wall of the main building is standing with a fireplace entire. also the hall of large room is easily traceable although the walls have been almost levelled and are now grass grown-

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