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ROUT OF MOY HERE A.D. 1746 Rout of Moy, here A.D. 1746/ The MacKintosh, Moy Hall, Co. [County] Inverness
C. F. MacKintosh Commissioner for the Mackintosh, 16 Union St. Inverness.
020 The Rout of Moy occurred on 16th March 1746/ a month before the Battle of Culloden near General Wade's Military Road. and between Creag Bane and Creag an Eòin. It appears that upon the above date Lord London with the King's Army was at Inverness, when being informed that Prince Charles Stuart was to sleep that night at Moy, he left Inverness with 1500 men with the intention of Capturing the Prince, and thereby to put an end to the Rebellion - The Mackintosh's wife having received notice that the King's Army was advancing on Moy Hall - she consulted with Donald Fraser, Blacksmith at Moybeg, a clever and active man, he agreed with five other men whom she named, to reconnoitre the royal army along the high road to Inverness.
It was dusk in the evening when they reached the hass at the hill Creag an Eòin. Here there was a quantity of fuel and divots set up to dry. Donald and his men, in order to watch the motions of the ensuing placed themselves a few hundred yards asunder, amongst these heaps; soon after they perceived London's troop coming forwards and when the army came within hearing a command was passed by Donald, and then from man to man in a load voice along a distance of a quarter of a mile.
Lord London, suspecting in the twilight that the heaps above which were the Highland army was instantly retreated and did not cease retreating until he arrive in Sutherlandshire upwards 70 miles he having crossed 3 arms of the sea.
this affair was humoursly called the 'Rout of Moy'
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