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Loch Dubh
Loch Dubh
Revd [Reverend] Neil Dewar Free Church Manse Kingussie
Mr. D. Campbell, Shepherd Kingussie
Mr John Guthrie, Shepherd Croftduncan Kingussie
086 In the parish of Laggan. This is a small loch, said to be very deep, situated at the top of Gleann Lochain. It is over hung by a small dark craig at its western side, from which the name is derived It means Black Loch
Càrn Dearg
Càrn Dearg
Revd [Reverend] Neil Dewar
Mr D Campbell
Mr Johnh Guthrie
086 ; 101 On the Bdy [Boundary] between the phs [parishes] of Moy & Dalarossie and Laggan. This is a very conspicuous hill, very rocky on its eastern slope, and forming the most prominent feature on the ridge which lies between Gleann Lochain and Gleann a' Bhealaich It means Red Craig

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