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Castle Hill
Castle Hill
Old Statistical Account
Fullarton's Gazetteer
Mr. Ogilvy of Inshewan Propr. [Proprietor]
032 "A hill in the neighbourhood of Achlouchrie receives the name of Castle Hill. Like the Site of the Castle of Quiech, it overhangs the river which here runs in a deep bed, by reason of the high rocks on either side. A fosse, still 13 feet deep & 30 feet wide forms a semicircle round this hill. This it is supposed had been dug with a design to bring in water from the river for defending the place. It would seem, however, that there never has been any building here as there are no marks of foundations"
Old Statistical Account.
"In the vicinity of Achlouchrie, an eminence which still bears the name of Castle Hill, & overhangs a deep gorge of the river, & has round its base a semicircular fosse 13 feet deep & 30 ft. [feet] wide was the site of another ancient but extinct Castle. Fullarton's Gazetteer.
MOAT [Castle Hill] 032 The fosse or hollow around this hill is of artificial appearance and of greater depth than 13 ft. [feet] on the East side - it is nearer 20 ft. [feet]. On the north west the hollow where the river water might be conveyed into the fosse round the hill, is much above the level of the South Esk. The proprietor Mr. Ogilvy of Inshewan, thinks it is probable that at some period there had been a "building on the Castle Hill, as there was a moat all round it." The name is well known among the people.

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