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Falls of Drumly Harry (Continued 025 [continued from page 35]
Connexion with a foot path for viewing the Falls. The distinction of Upper & Lower Falls is considered by the Proprietors on both Sides to be Superfluous - called as they are generally Falls of Drumly Harry.
DOUF HOLE Douff Hole
Douff Hole
Douff Hole
Mr. Lyon of Glenogil
Mr. Findlay, Noranside
County Map
025 Douff Hole applies to the dark hollow of the Noran in the deepest part between the Falls of Drumly Harry.
Estate Map
Mr. Forrest of Easter Ogil
Messrs. Robie & Gibb Gamekeepers
025 A name applied to three large fields of Easter Ogil the property of Mr. Forrest The Blairs has been recently brought under cultivation and divided into fields. The name is very well known.

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Co. [County] Forfar -- Tannadice Parish

Douf Hole [note]
one f
[Initialled] JB

"Douf". dull, languid, Melancholy, in a slumbering state.
Douff. to strike forcibly, push, beat, a dull heavy blow
" Jameison"

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