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RESCOBIE (Continued) [continued from page 1]
elevations are Turin and Pitscandly Hills in the Nn. [Northern] Central district about 800 a.s.l. [above sea level] and which rise abruptly from the base. Lemno and Lunan Waters of inconsiderable volume are the principal streams in the Ph. [Parish] The district is chiefly remarkable for its inexhaustible stores of stone of various kinds and of every dimension fit for use. The most remarkable feature in the Turinhill Quarries says the Gazetteer of Scotland is a stratum of conglomerate or pudding stone 20 or 30 feet in thickness overlaying the old red Sandstone which forms the body of the hill. The stone varies from slate to liver rock. The Arbroath and Forfar Railway runs across the Parish. There is no town or village. There is a Parish Church and School conveniently situate in the Central district. The Population at last Census was 711.
On Turin Hill towards the N. En. [North Eastern] point of Ph. [Parish] there are vestiges of a stronghold now called Kemp's Castle consisting of a circle of loose stones surrounded by an embankment. Tradition points out this stronghold (originally consisting of several Contiguous buildings) as having been the place where Donald Bane was confined by his brother - but nothing authentic can be obtained relating to its origin - except that the word Kemp in the ancient British signifies Warrior, and even existing tradition may be of recent date as remarks Webster sarcastically while describing this antiquity "even tradition does not tell a lie". Several monumental stones or as some suppose druidical remains are scattered throughout the district - the origin of which however can only be surmised. A circular rampart towards the Wn. [Western] district is generally believed in district to be the remains of an ancient Fort. The sites of two Chapels one of which was dedicated to St. Ninian have also been shewn also that of Barnsdale Castle.
Septr [September] 1859.

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Parish of Rescobie -- County of Forfar.

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