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GUILDYDEN Guildy Den (one word)
Guildy Den (one word)
James Mill
William Alexander
William Moody
051 [Situation] In the eastern side of Monikie Ph. [Parish]
A small dwelling house, having a small garden, a few offices, workshop, saw mill and a small arable farm attached. It is occupied by James Mill, Wright, and the property of the Right Honourable Lord Panmure. The sawmill is worked by the water of Monikie burn
PETER'S CALDRON Peter's Caldron
Peter's Caldron
Peter's Caldron
James Mill
William Alexander
George Lindsay
051 [Situation] In Monikie Burn Close to the eastern boundary of the parish.
A small and deep hole of water near which is a lin in Monikie burn just as its about to leave the parish on the eastern side, in Panmure Plantations, and enter the parish of Panbride. A man having Peter for his christian name is said to have been drowned in this hole and hence the name

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Sheet 51 No 2 Trace 6 -- Parish of Monikie -- Described by John Kiernan R.Eng [Royal Engineers]

Peter's Caldron [note]
Caldron, A pot, boiler, or Kettle
Cauldron, A sort of great Kettle, copper, or
boiling vessel.
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